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Limited Edition Norsk Gardshus Ale (16C) - Extract
This Recipe Includes Yeast Bay Sigmund's Voss Kveik Liquid Yeast Strain

Limited Edition Norsk Gardshus Ale (16C) - Extract

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Limited Edition Norsk Gardshus Ale (16C) - Extract


Introducing the newest limited edition recipe from Austin Homebrew Supply, The Norsk Gardshus (Norwegian Farmhouse). This refreshing ale is brewed at much higher temperatures than normal ales, from 80-100 F. Light and crisp, this brew begins very fruity and estery leading to a slight tartness in the finish. Late additions of juniper, heather, and sweet orange complete the flavor profile. The Yeast Bay Sigmund's Voss Kveik strain is propagated from an indigenous Norwegian strain that has historically been passed down generation to generation, often as a wedding dowery. This Kveik yeast makes a real difference in creating this amazing summer farmhouse, but supplies are limited! 

Dust off those drinking horns and get brewing!

Specialty malts: Vienna, Flaked Maize, White Wheat
Featured hops: Saaz, Hallertau
Other additives: Heather Tips, Sweet Orange Peel, Juniper Berry

O.G. = 1.056
F.G. = 1.013
Approximately 5.63% ABV 
Approximately 187.2 Cal / 12 oz 
Makes 5 US gallon
4 Stars
Juniper Berries
The juniper berries add some unique flavor. The beer flavor turned out somewhat dry, but I like it. Overall, a good drinkable brew. Some technical stats: fermented at 75-80F 1 week primary, 3 weeks secondary. The primary fermentation was kinda slow. It started with a 18 hour delay. Just couldn't make myself put the fermenter into garage for 100F temp. Both original and final gravity were lower than recipe. Flocculation was very low - it almost seemed there was not enough yeast. But it got the job done, I just didn't rush it.
Reviewed by:  from Round Rock. on 9/7/2018
5 Stars
Fermented Outside, Literally
When I checked out, the cashier said to ferment this as hot as I could (without going over 100 degrees). I literally sat the carboy on my back porch in a water bath. Being summer in Texas, it was easily 100-105 out there each day. At those temperatures I was prepared for some crazy flavors, but this beer is so smooth. Even my non craft beer drinking friends like it. If you live in a hot climate you have to try this beer during the summer!
Reviewed by:  from Temple, Texas. on 8/2/2018
3 Stars
Pre 76 Schlitz?
The only thing I did slightly different than the recipe was to dry-hop the Saaz hops. I was not that impressed with this beer and thought it had a funk similar to a very mild "sour" beer. My dad however, ranted and raved how great it was...said it tasted like a great 1975 Schlitz beer.
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 6/23/2018

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