Lalvin ICV D-47 Dry Wine Yeast

Lalvin ICV D-47 Dry Wine Yeast

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ICV D-47 Lalvin

ICV D-47

Species : Wine
Fermentation Temp Range (°F) : 59-68
Apparent Attenuation Range (%) : n/a
Flocculation : Medium
Alcohol Tolerance : 14%

Pitching/Fermentation : The ICV D-47 is a low-foaming quick fermenter that settles well, forming a compact lees at the end of fermentation. This strain tolerates fermentation temperatures ranging from 15° to 20°C (59° to 68°F) and enhances mouthfeel due to complex carbohydrates. Malolactic fermentation proceeds well in wine made with ICV D-47.

Notes : Recommended for making wines from white varieties such as Chardonnay and rosé wines. An excellent choice for producing mead, however be sure to supplement with yeast nutrients, especially usable nitrogen.

Best Styles : Complex Whites with Citrus and Floral Notes, White, Chardonnay, Rosé, Mead

Looking for a Liquid or Dry Yeast Substitution? The brewers at Austin Homebrew Supply have tried most of them. The following are some suggestions that have worked for us.
Liquid Yeast Substitution : Wyeast 4184, White Labs 720
Dry Yeast Substitution : Vintner's Harvest MA-33

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