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Kombucha Making Kit

Kombucha Making Kit

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Kombucha Making Kit

Everything you need to begin making your own kombucha from home (fermented tea). The kit includes all the necessary equipment for proper kombucha preparation including a flask marker to date your batch, a deluxe serving jar to ferment and serve your delicious brew (or you can bottle the kombucha and start a new batch using your included six 750 ml flip top bottles) and, of course, this kit includes a high quality Scoby, and pH test strips to make sure you're producing the highest quality kombucha.

- 5 L Kombucha Jar
- Screen lid for open air fermentation
- White Grease Pencil
- 6 x 750 ml Amber Flip Top Bottles
- pH Test Strips for water quality control
- Scoby Culture

-Kit does not include the tea blend needed to prepare kombucha, you must procure black, green or white tea from local grocery store.

This product is sold for the sole purpose of culturing kombucha

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