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Kitchen Crop Sprouter

Kitchen Crop Sprouter

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Kitchen Crop Sprouter

A fun and easy (not to mention inexpensive) way to beginning sprouting your favorite seeds and legumes in your very own home. The Kitchen Crop Sprouter utilizes 4 stackable growing trays, allowing you to sprouts multiple seeds at once, that will begin producing sprouts in as little as 3-5 days with only water and a little care. These growing trays use a Hydrophobic Drip Irrigation system to sprout your seeds, which allows them to sprout with less water and without disturbing the seeds and causing them to clump. Trays are made in the USA of strong, crack-resistant BPA-free plastic.

Start sprouting delicious, fresh sprouts for sandwiches, salads, green or fruit smoothies today!

Kitchen Crop Sprouter Includes:

4 Growing Trays
1 Water Collection Tray
1 Storage Lid
Instruction Manual
1 ounce of Organic Alfalfa Seeds

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