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Kieselsol 32 oz
Kieselsol 32 oz

Kieselsol 32 oz

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Kieselsol 32 oz
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Kieselsol Finings 30%- 15 mL

Perfect for clarifying wines.

Usage: Kieselsol 30% solution is a negatively charged fining agent used to remove excess tannin, dead yeast cells, and floccular precipitate.

Directions: For best results, use in conjunction with Chitosan.  Shake well before using.
  • Gently stir approximately 4-6 fl. oz. (30-50 ml) per 100 gallons or 15 ml per 5 to 6 gallons of beer or wine.
  • Wait 1 hour before adding chitosan.
  • Allow 12-48 hours to clear.
  • Water
  • 30% Amorphous Silica

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