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Igloo Mash All Grain Brewing System - 5 Gallons

Igloo Mash All Grain Brewing System - 5 Gallons

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Igloo Mash All Grain Brewing System - 5 Gallons

The perfect way to get started brewing all grain batches of beer! 

This kit includes all the equipment for brewing an all grain batch of beer in your own home. All grain brewing allows you a greater amount of control over your beer, improving clarity, aroma, and flavors in your batches. Step-up your brewing game with this amazing complete brewing system.

Igloo Mash Brewing System Includes:
- 2 Weld 8 Gallon Brew Kettle with Kettle Plugs
- Igloo Mash Tun - 5 Gallon
- 14" Propane Burner with Regulator
- 25' Economy Copper Wort Chiller
- Ale Pail 6.5 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with Lid & Airlock
- 24" Plastic Mash Paddle
- Lab Thermometer
- Measuring Pitcher - 5L
- Iodine Tincture
-4' of 5/16" Thickwall Hose

Ready to start brewing? Grab an All Grain Brewing Recipe (AVAILABLE HERE!) and check out our Cooler Mashing Instructions to get started today!

Having an issue with your mash tun? Check out this helpful Mash Tun Assembly Diagram Here!

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