How To Find A Clone Recipe

Posted by The Clone Master on 1/25/2011 to Frequently Asked Questions

Austin Homebrew has made it a little easier to search our selection of beer recipes for your favorite clone recipes... AHS offers three ways to search for clone recipes.

1. Beer Name - Enter the beer name in the search box and voila...see a search example HERE
2. Brewery Name - If you can't find it by the beer name (sometimes there are typos or other restrictions that prevent using an identical name) you can enter the brewery name in the search box. See a search example HERE
3. State of Origin - If you can't find it by the beer or brewery name then you can search to see what clones we offer by state. Enter the entire state name in the search box and all the clones we offer from brewers in that state will magically appear. See a search example HERE
4. Country of Origin - we also have clones from other countries. You can search for these by entering the country's name in the search box (i.e. Germany, France, Belgium, China, Peru, etc). See a search example Here

If you've tried all four methods to search for clones and are not finding the recipe you want, then chances are we haven't gotten to it yet. If this is the case then please reach out and we'll see what we can do to get it added. If the information for the recipe is available online from a reputable source or the brewery is willing to share, we'll get it added. Sometimes we add clones by deconstructing a beer (i.e. we drink a few until we think we've got it...), we can't do this method though unless we have access to the beer. Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to post here, or reach out to AHS at

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