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HopRocket Hop Back and Infuser (Blichmann)
HopRocket Hop Back and Infuser (Blichmann)

HopRocket Hop Back and Infuser (Blichmann)

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Designed from the ground up the HopRocket is three things in one. First, it is a hop back used to add hop aroma to the wort immediately before it is chilled. Second, it is an inline filter to help prevent trub from entering the fermenter. Finally, it can also be used as a hop infuser or Randallizer.

  • Holds up to 4oz of leaf hops
  • Both the inlet and outlet fittings are 1/2" male NPT
  • All stainless steel & high temperature silicone seals
  • 2 filters to ensure clean wort, no channeling, and even hop utilization
  • Fully enclosed system to prevent loss of hop aromas
  • Holds pressure up to 40 PSI
  • Can be used with a pump
  • Can be used on gravity systems
  • Comes with detailed instructions
  • Compatible with the QuickConnector fittings (choose them from the menu below)
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