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Go-Ferm - 10 g

Go-Ferm - 10 g

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Go-Ferm is a yeast nutrient used during the rehydration of dried yeast. It was developed by Lallemand, working with other institutes. It is a natural yeast nutrient containing a balance of micronutrients for yeast developed specifically to prevent sluggish or stuck fermentations.

Go-Ferm is suspended in the rehydration water before the dried yeast is added. The yeast absorbs the micronutrients during rehydration. The result is fermentations that finish stronger. Go-Ferm is particularly effective for helping yeast survive high sugar musts. Go-Ferm cannot be added directly to the must because then the yeast will not be able to absorb all of the nutrients.

Usage: 1.25 parts Go-Ferm to 1 part dried yeast. The amount of rehydration water used is 20x the weight of the amount of Go-Ferm. For example, for a 5 g packet of dried yeast, use 5 g x 1.25 = 6.25 g Go-Ferm. Rehydration water: 6.25 g x 20 = 125 mL water.

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