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Glaze 'N' Roast Nut Roasting Pan

Glaze 'N' Roast Nut Roasting Pan

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Glaze 'N' Roast Nut Roasting Pan

This fun and unique nut roasting pan makes healthy delicious treats in minutes. Design for stove-top use, this durable, anodized aluminum pan has wooden handles and the center post has a quick release stir handle. The stir handle keeps any roasting nuts from burning on the pan, and ensures that every nut is coated in a flavorful glaze for a truly flavorful snack.

This is great for making delectable roasted nuts that can be enjoyed as dessert toppings, on salads, or just as a tasty treat. Simply follow the instructions for your glaze and you will have roasted nuts in mere minutes!

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