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Fruit Press (#30 Ratchet Style)
Fruit Press (#30 Ratchet Style)

Fruit Press (#30 Ratchet Style)

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Fruit Press (#30 Ratchet Style)

12" X 18" Basket
66 lb. Capacity 

This heavy duty pressed steel base is beautifully made and features a hard wearing enamel coating. A beech cage is bound with enameled steel rings housing a stainless steel spindle and cast iron press mechanism. Simply place your fruit in the cage, attach the pressing plate and padding blocks on top of the plate and begin screwing down the pressing mechanism. The blocks and plates helped evenly distribute the weight onto the fruit, squeezing out valuable juice in the most efficient manner possible.

-Screw: 1.375" (35mm)
-Cage Dimensions: 11.75" X 15.75" (40cm X 55cm)
-Capacity: 66 lbs. (30 Kgs)
-Weight: 82 lbs. (37 Kgs)

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