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From Harvest to Moonshine
From Harvest to Moonshine

From Harvest to Moonshine

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By Byron Ford.
This book brings out of the closet (or woods or basement) the modern methods of producing moonshine without the many side effects and hangovers associated with it by reputation. It covers methods and techniques that many commercial spirit manufacturers are using today, with a touch of moonshine nostalgia. The book also includes a large section on essential oils and perfumes. This book expands the knowledge base already established by the author's first book, Moonshine Made Simple And Still Makers Manual.
Illustrated softcover, 197 pages, 5.75" x 8.25" (14.8cm x 21cm).

Just a note from us.
Under Federal rules administered by ATF, individuals may not use a still to produce alcohol unless qualifying as a distilled spirits plant. See ATF FAQs page at their web site. Also check local and state regulations before beginning any distillation project.

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