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Free Shipping Mini Mash Recipe Kits

These recipes are crafted by the talented brewers of Austin Homebrew, the leader in Homebrew Recipes. Check back every other month, we pick 12 new recipes to ship free, so there is always a great variety to choose from, and a way to sample the hundreds of Austin's recipe database. We also have Free Shipping All Grain Recipe Kits and Free Shipping Extract Recipe Kits

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AHS Atlas Stout (13F) - MINI MASH
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AHS Bavarian Bock  (5C) - MINI MASH
Average Rating(2)
AHS Chocolate Bock  (5B) - MINI MASH
Average Rating(1)
AHS Steamroller Stout  (12B) - MINI MASH
Average Rating(0)
Summit Winter Ale  (21B) - MINI MASH
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Winter Solstice Ale  (21B) - MINI MASH
Average Rating(4)
Winterhook  (21B) - MINI MASH
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