Fermentap Thermometer

Fermentap Thermometer

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Fermentap Thermometer 

This thermometer features a 3" face, a 2.5" probe, and a 1/2" MPT on the rear to connect to a kettle. Makes a great addition to boil kettles and hot liquor tanks.  The smaller probe sizes makes this thermometer much easier to operate around during the brewing process. The large, 3" face makes reading the the dial easy, and the sturdy, durable metal stem won't break like a standard glass thermometer.

-Stainless Steel Construction
-Fast Temperature Change Response
-Moisture Proof Hermetic Seal
-Easy to Calibrate (Calibration Screw is 1/16" hex nut)
-Temp. Range: 20º - 240º F (0 - 110° C)
-Within 1% Full Scale Accuracy

*It is not recommended to use this thermometer with a mash tun.

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