Fermenator (7 gal) Standard Fittings

Fermenator (7 gal) Standard Fittings

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Fermenator (7 gal) Standard Fittings

This Fermenator is 100% stainless steel.
Everything that touches your beer is heavy gauge stainless steel. The interior is weld-free. There is no need to worry about bacteria hiding in weld cracks or in porosity found in all welds, even so-called sanitary welds.

- Dumping cold break and trub takes only a couple minutes.
- Collecting wort samples is quick and completely sanitary.
- Allows for easy harvesting of yeast.
- Pressurizeable for CO2 pumping.
- Impervious to UV light that causes "skunking" in beer.
- Large open top makes scouring and sanitizing the interior easy and painless.
- The rotating racking arm allows for siphoning completely sediment free beer.

Optional bolt-on leg extensions are available to elevate the Fermenator to make draining directly into a Cornelius keg easier. With the leg extensions, the bottom dump valve will be 23" (58cm) above the floor. See options below to add.

Another Fermenator option are the heavy duty industrial grade casters, making moving it much easier. 

Blichmann lists dimensions of the 7 gallon fermenter as 15" wide, 15" deep and 27" tall.

Special Note.
This is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow for processing time and ground shipping. It can only ship to physical addresses within the contiguous 48 states. A signature for delivery is required.

Note: It is recommended that you have at least 1" on all sides for maneuvering clearance. Dimensions shown above do not include this clearance. Dimensions also do not include airlock, which is not used in a refrigerator. For low-clearance installations, use the provided 90 degree elbow on the stopper and remote-locate the airlock. For upright freezers and refrigerators, it is recommended that you have 4 to 6" of clearance above the unit if you wish to dry-hop or add finings through the lid hatch.

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