Fast Label Sleeves - 70 ct (Small Size)

Fast Label Sleeves - 70 ct (Small Size)

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This is a 70 pack of 1 mil plastic sleeves.

Place a bottle into the the sleeve and insterted a paper label between the two. Put the end of the bottle in boiling water for 1/2 of a second (or use a hair dryer). The sleeve will shrink and tighten around the bottle leaving the label nice and snug. Trim off any excess sleeve. When you are done drinking the beer of wine, simply cut off the label.

Fast Label beer bottle label sleeves are designed for many different sized bottles. Measure the diameter of the bottles to know which size is needed.

This small size Fast Labels fit most bottles with a diameter range of 1.2" to 2.5" or a circumference 3.77" - 7.85". Typically bottles include 12 oz and 355 ml.

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