Falconer's Flight Pellet Hops - 1 oz

Falconer's Flight Pellet Hops - 1 oz

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Item Number:24-2005A
A proprietary hop blend created by Hop Union to honor and support the legacy of Northwest brewing legend, Glen Hay Falconer.

This novel proprietary pellet blend is comprised of many of the Northwest's most unique hop varieties and is perfect for any Northwest-style IPA. Each hop has been hand selected for its superior aromatic qualities, imparting distinct tropical, citrus, floral, lemon, and grapefruit tones.

Possible Substitutions: Cascade, Columbus, Centennial

Technical Specifications:
Aroma: tropical, citrus, floral, lemon, grapefruit
Alpha Acids: 10 - 12%
Beta Acids: 4.3%
Co-Humulone 27%
Total Oil: N/A
Myrcene: N/A
Humulene: N/A
Caryophyllene: N/A
Farnesene: N/A

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