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EnoCubes White Finishing Oak Cubes

EnoCubes White Finishing Oak Cubes

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Enocubes White Finishing Oak Cubes

2.5 oz. Bag

Deep toasty characters and intense vanilla are the highlight of this blend, complementing the fruit flavors and improving mouth feel. Made to be highly extractive, the finishing blend adds intense characters to wine. Elements of the wood accentuate the fruit characters and add impact, raising your wine's flavor into bold, exciting territories.

Origin: Blends of American oak and/or French oak
Size: 2.5 OZ Bag. 
Average EnoCube size is 0.5" x 0.5"

Benefits of Ideal Cube Shape:
  • Consistent in sizing
  • Absent of dust
  • Extracts quickly
  • Easy to blend
  • Best shape for toasting

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