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EnoCubes White Fermentation Oak Cubes

EnoCubes White Fermentation Oak Cubes

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Enocubes White Fermentation Oak Cubes

2.5 oz. Bag

This blend magnifies the fruit qualities, accentuating natural fruit aromas. The tannins and spicy oak characters protect wine while adding complexity. The added structure increases mouthfeel and broadens the palate. EnoCubes are a masterful combination of carefully chosen oak cubes that are blended to bring out the greatest in each enological stage. Using a century of oak expertise, loads of sensory science, and winemaker contribution, these cube blends have been created so you can uncomplicate oak use and save time. EnoCubes are unique flavor blends created from uncompromising oak selection and carefully monitored toasting.

Origin: Blends of American oak and/or French oak
Size: 2.5 OZ Bag. 
Average EnoCube size is 0.5" x 0.5"

Benfits of Ideal Cube Shape:
  • Consistent in sizing
  • Absent of dust
  • Extracts quickly
  • Easy to blend
  • Best shape for toasting  

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