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Edge Star Coffee DIGITAL Kegerator (2 Faucet / Stainless Steel Front)
Digital Refrigerator

Edge Star Coffee DIGITAL Kegerator (2 Faucet / Stainless Steel Front)

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Edge Star Coffee DIGITAL Kegerator (2 Faucet / Stainless Steel Front)

Keep the cold brew flowing with this Dual Tap, Stainless Steel Digital Kegerator designed specifically for use with cold brew coffee kegs (*also works great for stouts*)! Includes a nitrogen regulator, allowing you to hook a nitrogen tank to your cold brew and pour your coffee with a creamy, delicious head. The interior has space for two 5 gallon homebrew kegs (or 1 half keg, or two slim commercial kegs) so you can dispense two different kegs simultaneously. The bottom of the fridge is stainless steel plated, making this fridge sturdy enough to handle years of kegs and gallons of coffee moving in and out. There is also mounting hardware for the included nitrogen tank, as well as all necessary tubing and swivel nut connections allowing you to easily hook up and switch out your MFL disconnects for use with nitro system*.

The top of this "Coffee-rator" features a built-in, recessed drip tray with removable lid for easy cleaning. The stainless steel draft tower houses one stout restrictor faucet. The unique design and construction of this faucet ensures that your coffee pours correctly every time, giving you a gorgeous cascade of coffee as the foamy head slowly, but surely, settles. Faucet also includes a traditional black tap handle. The digital refrigerator lets you easily set, monitor and adjust the ambient temperature around your kegs, giving you total control of your beverage temperature and ensuring every drink tastes great! 

-Dual Tap Draft Tower (17" with Tap Handle)
-2 Stout Restrictor Faucets with Traditional Black Tap Handles
-Digital Stainless Steel Refrigerator (24"x25"x35") with Built-In Drip Tray
-Nitrogen Regulator
-Necessary Tubing with Swivel Nut Fittings
-Stainless Steel Base Plate
-Mounted Tank Holder

Interior Dimensions:
H - 28.125"
W - 21.125"
D - 19.375"

*Nitrogen Gas System use a mix of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Please consult a local gas distributer for proper filling.

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