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Economy Copper Wort Chiller (3/8") - 25 ft

Economy Copper Wort Chiller (3/8") - 25 ft

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Manufactured by Austin Homebrew Supply
Using an immersion chiller is an economical and easy way to chill a wort to yeast pitching temperature in the shortest possible time. This immersion chiller is constructed from 25" (6.1 m) of 3/8" OD copper tubing, heavy duty 3/8" hosing, and a high quality female garden hose fitting on the inlet side.

Note: It is important to clean and sanitize the chiller before each use. One way of sanitizing is to place chiller in the boiling wort for the last 15 minutes of the boil.

To increase the efficiency of the chiller, the wort should be stirred with a sanitary spoon. When the temperature has dropped enough, the chiller itself may be swirled in the kettle. Caution and common sense should be used when touching the chiller because the water leaving the chiller will be very hot.

AHS is not an admirer of the "Economy" chillers on the market. The hose is generally just clamped directly to the copper cutting corners (and cost) We still feel this is not the safest of options but will follow suit to supply a competitive option for our loyal customers.

Higher end chillers will supply a compression fitting or soldered fitting to the copper. These fittings will then attach a hose fitting or barb for a safe rigid place to clamp a hose. We still prefer this method over our economy options. We are not trying to talk you out of this chiller, we simply want you to be completely educated on what you are purchasing.

An adapter is available to connect the garden hose fitting to a kitchen sink.

During the warmer months of the year, or to increase the efficiency of your immersion chiller, a pre-chiller is recommended. A pre-chiller is a 15 (4.6 m) copper coil that is submersed in an ice water bath while connected to the wort chiller. Our pre-chillers come with garden hose fittings for an easy connection to the immersion chiller. The water first flows through the ice cold pre-chiller before it goes through the wort chiller itself.
5 Stars
It works great
It works great. I do 1 gallon biab and got tired of buying bags of ice to cool my wort down. I did have to tighten the coils to fit in my kettle, but no issues there.
Reviewed by:  from Austin. on 7/30/2018

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