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Dual Stage Temperature Controller (Digital)
Dual Stage Temperature Controller (Digital)

Dual Stage Temperature Controller (Digital)

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Dual Stage Temperature Controller (Digital)

A reliable easy-to-use (and most of all safe!) dual temperature controller with simple plug and play design. This temperature controller allows a user to use with both refrigeration and heating equipment at the same time. Great for use as Over-temperature protection and automatic temperature control systems. This controller allows for more accurate temperature control, letting you set separate differentials for heating and refrigeration and calibrate the temperature. Perfect for homebrewers, this temperature controller has a variety of other uses such as home aquariums, culture fermentation, incubation and others.

Features Include:
-Dual Relay Output (Works with Refigeration & Heating Equipment simultaneously)
-Centigrade and Fahrenheit Readings
-Dual Display Window (Displays Measured & Set Temperatures)
-Temperature Calibration
-High & Low Temperature Alarms
-Over-temperature & Sensor Fault Alarm
-Compressor Delay Protection for Refrigeration Control
-Max. Output Load : 1000W/2000W

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