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Double Blast Washer (Fermtech)
Double Blast Washer (Fermtech)

Double Blast Washer (Fermtech)

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The Fermtech Double Blast Bottle Washer allows 2 bottles to be blast washed at the same time. It is designed to quickly connect and disconnect to a laundry faucet or garden hose. See below to add an adapter for most kitchen sinks.
  • Wide base helps with stable operation in any sink.
  • Garden hose fitting has a quick release design.
  • Design eliminates stress on faucets and damage to pipes.
  • Temperature resistant up to 140 F (60 C).
  • Inter-changable nozzles for small and large bottles.
  • Includes special nozzle for carboys.
The operation is simple. Invert the bottles on the blast washers. Press down on the bottles to rinse. Lift to stop.

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