Deluxe Vinegar Making Kit

Deluxe Vinegar Making Kit

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This vinegar making kit contains all the equipment you will need to make vinegar 1 gallon at a time. The vinegar can be made from alcohol such as wine, beer, hard cider with 6%-12% alcohol. This kit also includes the vintners reserve 1 gallon wine making kit, so the vingear can be made from your own wine.

Vinegar Kit Includes:
- 1 gallon glass wide mouth jar with lid
- 16 oz vinegar bottle with 28 mm cap
- 8 oz mother of vinegar
- 36" x 36" cheesecloth
- 5" funnel
- Vinegar Making Book
- Rubber band

Wine Kit Includes:
-2 Gallon Bucket with Lid 
-Winemakers Recipe Handbook 
-1 Gallon jug & 38mm Screw Cap 
-5' of tubing & shut-off clamp 
-3 piece Airlock 
-Coarse Straining Bag 
-Easy Clean Cleanser 
-Sodium Campden Tablets 
-Active Freeze Dried Wine Yeast 
-Mini Auto Siphon

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