DIY Ginger Beer Kit - 1 Gallon

DIY Ginger Beer Kit - 1 Gallon

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DIY Ginger Beer Kit - 1 Gallon

Make Ginger Beer in Your Own Home! 

This Do-It-Yourself kit includes everything you need (Equipment and Ingredients) to produce 1 gallon of home brewed Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

DIY Ginger Beer Kit Includes:
-Fermentation Jug - 1 gal. glass jug, adorned with metallic copper foil
-Racking Cane - A handy tool for transferring your brew between vessels
-Double Bubble Airlock & Rubber Bung - Ensure a tight seal on your fermentation vessel
-No-Rinse Cleaner
-Brewing Bag - embroidered mesh bag for holding your brewing ingredients
-Stick-On LCD Thermometer
-Detailed Instructions and cocktail recipes - easy to access PDF files will guid you through the process
-Organic Brewing Ingredients: Dried Ginger Root, Lemon Peel, Lime Peel, Coriander, Cane Sugar
-Ale Yeast - Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan

*Please Note: This yeast can produce a Ginger Beer up to 10% ABV. It is recommended to use a Triple Scale Hydrometer to accurately (and scientifically!) measure your brew's alcohol content. Check Our Options Above to Add One Today!

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