Copper Ale  (7A) - EXTRACT

Copper Ale (7A) - EXTRACT

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Otter Creek Brewing Company. Middlebury, Vermont.

Makes 5 US gallons
4 Stars
Classic Review
I brewed this 3 months ago. I forgot it was down in the man cave BCing. I popped one last night and all I have to say is order this right now and brew the second it shows up to your door. I added the alcohol boost and yeast fuel to this as well. The 1 word of caution I have for you is that I use a 6.5 gallon plastic bucket as my primary. This beer blew a lot of foam out the airlock the 2nd night it was fermenting. You might want to use a bigger fermenter or not add the boost to it.
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 2/11/2014
4 Stars
Classic Review
I don't recommend using the Dry yeast option for this kit. I brewed this a couple of months ago with the Nottingham yeast. The Notty ferments out really dry, but produces a tartness that really doesn't fit too well with the dryness of this beer. Even if you're not set up for starters, I think you're better off pitching a smack pack of liquid yeast (or maybe two) than using the Nottingham. If you do use the Notty yeast, at least keep your ferm temps way down (like 58-60 or so) to help keep the fermentation as clean as possible.
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 2/11/2014
3 Stars
Classic Review
Don't use the 1% Alcohol boost. You can taste it in this beer. I had one that was brewed by a friend and I could tell the differance. His was better with out it. Mine blew out the air lock during fermentation. I think it got infected. It has a sour after taste to it now.
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 2/11/2014

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