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Cooling Pump Kit
Cooling Pump Kit

Cooling Pump Kit

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Cooling Pump Kit

The Grainfather Cooling Pump kit is a great replacement for a Glycol chiller system. Designed specifically to chill the Grainfather Conical Fermenter, this kit will allow you to regulate your wort's temperature by recicrculating cold water from an ice bath though the insulated sleeve of the fermenter body. This easy-to-use kit is the easiest, quickest, and most efficient way to chill your wort. 

After connecting the coupler and insulated hose to your conical fermenter, submerge the submersible Cooling Pump into a cooler, bucket or any convenient vessel of water, add ice to reach desired temperature and then pump the chilled water through the insulated cooling sleeve.

Cooling Pump Kit Includes:
- T-Section Power Connector
- Submersible Cooling Pump
- 2 Brass Couplers

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