Clone All Grain Light Lager Kits

Clone recipes represent our version of a famous commercial beer. We strive to come as close as possible to the original. In this category you will find our Clone All Grain Light Lager Kits
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Heineken Lager  (2A) - ALL GRAIN
Average Rating(5)
Kirin Lager  (2A) - ALL GRAIN
Lone Star Beer  (1B) - ALL GRAIN
Average Rating(1)
Medalla Light Cervesa  (1B) - ALL GRAIN
Average Rating(2)
Molson Ice  (1C) - ALL GRAIN
Moosehead Lager  (2C) - ALL GRAIN
Pilsner Urquell  (2B) - ALL GRAIN
Average Rating(2)
Red Stripe  (1B) - ALL GRAIN
Average Rating(4)
Shiner Blonde  (1B) - ALL GRAIN
Average Rating(1)
Steinlager  (2A) - ALL GRAIN
Tiger Lager - ALL GRAIN
Tsing-Tao  (1C) - ALL GRAIN
Windhoek Special  (1C) - ALL GRAIN
Zywiec Beer  (2A) - ALL GRAIN
Stella Artois  (2B) - ALL GRAIN
Average Rating(13)