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Chrome Shank (4 1/8
Chrome Shank (4 1/8')

Chrome Shank (4 1/8")

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Turn any upright refrigerator into a kegerator with this 4 1/8" shank to deliver your beverage from inside the fridge to a shiny faucet outside the door and into your waiting glass. You can also add a handy drip or drain tray for added aesthetics and functionality.

The shank includes: a coupling nut, sleeve, snap ring, locking nut, and black plastic collar. Required, but not included, is a fitting kit (usually 1/4" to connect to thickwall beer line from the keg). The final requirement is a 1" diameter hole drilled through the refrigerator door. Measure the thickness of the refrigerator. The maximum allowable thickness for this shank is 2 1/2". Take care in positioning the shank. Make sure that an opening freezer door will clear the faucet and handle.

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