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Chlorine Test Papers

Chlorine Test Papers

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Chlorine Test Papers

Chlorine Test Papers measure the total available chlorine from 0-200ppm in just seconds! Total chlorine is the combination of  free available chlorine and the combined available chlorine in your solution. These strips are typically used to test the strength of solutions used for sanitizing.

  1. Use dry fingers to remove a chlorine test paper strip from the vial.
  2. Dip the test strip into the solution to be tested, and do not agitate.
  3. Remove and compare to color chart immediately.
**Note: Strip will darken over time, so compare to color chart as directed. Strips can also darken if: two strips are stuck together or if you lay strip against vial. Always check chart by holding strip in air next to vial. If strip remains white after dipping, and you believe solution contains chlorine, strip may have been "bleached out." This means that the chlorine concentration will overwhelm the strip indicators.

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