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Carbonation Keg Lid

Carbonation Keg Lid

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Carbonation Accessories
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Carbonation Keg Lid

A quicker, easier way to carbonate your beer! This Carbonating Keg Lid features a Cornelius keg lid with a built-in carbonation stone and can carbonate your next batch of beer in 24 hours. An attached .5 micron stone makes force carbonation a breeze and extremely portable. Simply switch your lid from keg to keg and carbonate as you go.  Top of the lid features a Ball Lock Gas Post so you can quickly attach a gas line and begin carbonating.

-Cornelius Keg Lid with under mounted 5/16" Barb 
-2' of (flexible) Antimicrobial Tubing
-.5 Micron 1/4" MFL Carbonation Stone
-Top Mounted Gas Ball Lock Post

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