BrewMaster: The Craft Game

BrewMaster: The Craft Game

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BREWMASTER: The Craft Game 

If you appreciate good beer, you'll love BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game. Using mechanics similar to rummy, players combine cards to brew six beer styles including ale, stout and Belgian. In doing so players will use some of the 90 cards representing real beer ingredients.

After brewing beer players place chips (representing crowds) onto the laminated game board. As the game continues players try to brew better beer and draw crowds away from other players.
The game is influenced heavily by event cards, which players draw after brewing beer. The event deck represents some of the real triumphs and tragedies that have taken place in the microbrewery world. Watch out for the green scrubie card, which will cause you to lose a turn because you have to take apart your heat exchanger to find it. The event deck also contains beer festivals and the dreaded Big Breweries card.

The player with the most beer festival trophies and crowd markers wins the game. The game is great for two to five players and generally takes less than an hour to play.

No beer knowledge is necessary, as this is not a trivia or drinking game. Indeed it is the perfect game for settings involving beer and non-beer fans alike.

As brewers, beer fans and others have noted, the game captures the fun and excitement of brewing. It makes the perfect gift for yourself or the beer lover in your life!

Official rulebook
75 ingredient cards
15 event cards
One die
An 11" x 17" laminated game board
40 crowd chips
7 beer festival trophies

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