Brew Demon Conical Fermenting System

Brew Demon Conical Fermenting System

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Brew Demon Conical Fermenting System

Brew like the pros with this 3 gallon Brew Demon fermenter that is both food grade and scratch resistant. Allows easy transfer of your fermented beer into bottles while that pesky trub (inactive yeast and other un-welcomed items) stays securely at the bottom.


(1) Conical Fermenter and Lid
(1) Spigot Assembly
(1) Venting Plug
(1) Stick-on Temp Gauge
(1) Fermenter Base
(3) Base Legs
(3) Leg Plugs
(1) 43g Packet of One Step No-Rinse Cleanser
16" High X 9" Wide
Spigot is 3.5" from bottom
Brewing Note

This is a 3-gallon fermenter designed to make 2-gallon and 2.5-gallon batches of beer.
3 Stars
Very good but needs extra parts
I have three Little Brew Demons and I have been building out recipes for it on BrewToad, a recipe sharing web-site. I purchased this from my LHBS Austin Home Brew because I liked the form factor while it was on prominent display. All of my recipes are brewed in this 2.5g+ fermenter and force carbonated in a 2.5g mini-keg. I love the idea of this... but I'm disappointed in it out of the box. Most annoying is the lack of an included lid gasket. For the price, it should be included. I hate that it's excluded and not easy to find. Brewers are generally obsessed with keeping things clean and bug-free. 2 of 3 of the LBDs do not create an air-tight seal when used with a #2 gasket and airlock easily purchased from your LHBS. The problem is the seal around the lid. What's crazy is that the shipping cost for the 3 pack of lid gaskets is $8! Not cool. For a bit I regretted purchasing three of these and thought of going back to buckets. But I realized I could use common thread sealing tape to create a better seal. I do like the device with some modifications. For those who want to experiment, you can use 2x ~1" bulkheads, a ball-valve, and a mason jar, with 1" wide pvc pipe to create your own yeast dump. Install a bulkhead to the bottom of the cone and another into a jar's cap, connect the two to the ball-valve. Two months in, I like it but I don't think I would purchase another until my LHBS sells the inclusive set or gaskets.
Reviewed by:  from Austin. on 12/23/2016

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