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Brew Demon American Prophecy Ale Refill Kit

Brew Demon American Prophecy Ale Refill Kit

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Item Number:41-9206
Brew Demon American Prophecy Ale Refill Kit

Recipe makes 2 gallons of beer!

An enjoyable beer that will quickly have you reaching for another with is refreshing finish and well balanced complex flavoring. This hopped malt extract (HME) is comprised of malted barley, water, hops and yeast and contains no additives or preservatives. The Brew Demon Refill Kit features a complex, intriguing blend of specialty malts and the finest hops to provide world class beers with great flavors!

ABV: 3.7%
IBU: 22
SRM: 3

Kit Includes:
- American Prophecy Ale (HME) Can
- Liquid Brewing Enhancer (LBS) Can
- Dry Brewing Yeast (Underneath Lid)
- One Step No-Rinse Cleaner

*Brewing Note: Cleaner packet contains enough product to sanitize all brewing equipment during brewing and bottling. Sanitize all equipment that will contact your beer before you begin to brew.

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