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Brew Chem 101
Brew Chem 101

Brew Chem 101

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By Lee Janson.
The author is uniquely qualified to explain brewing for what it is: chemical reactions. He is a homebrewer, certified beer judge, and he holds a doctorate in biological sciences and biochemistry. This is NOT a biology textbook. This is NOT a chemistry textbook. "Brew Chem 101" is written in nontechnical language with a very readable style. As the author points out, any brewer can understand the basic details of the life of a yeast and what produces those annoying off-flavors. The chemical reactions at each stage of brewing are explained. Understanding what exactly is going on helps to avoid potential problems. Finally, the book concludes with a primer on beer tasting and judging.
Illustrated softcover, 117 pages, 6" x 9" (15cm x 22.8cm).

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