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Brew Belt
Brew Belt

Brew Belt

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This new Brew Belt now includes an extra spring to fit 7.9 gallon plastic buckets.

An electric warming belt designed to wrap around most primary or secondary fermenters, the Brew Belt is not recommended for use with glass carboy fermenters. It heats at a constant 75 F (24 C), and is great for winter time basement brewing and wine making. When your brew place gets colder than 75 F, fermentation can stop. Since the belt heats at a constant 75 F, the yeast won't slow or stop activity, so you'll never have a cold-stuck fermentation.

The lower the belt is positioned on the fermenting container, the higher the wort or must temperature will rise. The belt should not be left plugged in for more then 8 days in a row, and the must or wort temperature should be monitored daily. Do not cover the belt with a blanket, and do not use near flammable material.

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