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BoilerMaker HopBlocker
BoilerMaker HopBlocker

BoilerMaker HopBlocker

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Feature: Blichmann Engineering
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This device is virtually plug free and captures up to 95% of the brew kettle particulates. It capitalizes on preferential flow to direct the clear wort to the kettle drain and keep the particulates at the bottom where they belong. Works best in BoilerMaker pots, but can be adapted for use in other manufacturers pots.

How it works
Before brewing make sure the Hop Blocker is in the down position inside your kettle. At the end of the boil use the whirlpool method to get the particulate in the middle of the kettle, then drain your wort. Once you have drained the wort enough to see the handle on the hop blocker, carefully pull it up with a utensil (the Hop Blocker is hot). You may need to use a mash paddle or spoon to prevent the Hop Blocker from moving. Once it is in the up position the finer mesh will filter out the smaller particulates.

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