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Blichmann Power Controller (120V)
Blichmann Power Controller (120V)

Blichmann Power Controller (120V)

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Blichmann Power Controller (120V)

Jump into the electric brewing with the amazing Power Controller from Blichmann Engineering. This modular power controller is made for brewers looking to make the jump to electric brewing, providing a low-cost power controller that is perfect for electric boil kettles, or other a uses where direct temperature control is not needed. Designed for use with the Blichmann BoilCoil, this versatile controller can be used with any immersion heater. The unique modular design allows precision control over your heating element from 0-100% power. The Blichmann Power Controller utilizes Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to ensure fine control of the power output. Unlike "dimmer switch" based power controllers, the linear power controller controls the percentage of time the heater is engaged over a 1 second interval. Turning your know to "5" engages the heater for 0.5 seconds, heating for the that amount of time and turning off for the remainder of the 1 second interval. This method is not only gentler on the heating element and is quieter, not creating electrical noise that other techniques often can, it allows brewers to dial in exact condition for a repeatable boul off rates to hit your final boil every time you brew!

Features of the Blichmann Power Controller:
- 20 Amp 120V (2400W)
- Precision linear control: Fast acting power knob from 0-100%
- Industrial grade Pulse Width Modulation control
- Unique enclosure to route cables out either the rear of the unit or bottom of the unit
- Integrated DIN rail groove for easy mounting to wall or work table (Check the Options Above to Add!)
- L6-20 120V Power Cable (Check the Options Above to Add on a 120V Extension Cord!)

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