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Blichmann G2 Linear Flow Valve

Blichmann G2 Linear Flow Valve

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Blichmann G2 Linear Flow Valve

Easily fine tune your flow rate for sparging, lautering and chilling, increasing the repeatability of your system. Built in 90 degree outlet can be oriented at any angle to make hose routing simple and kink-free. Eliminate extra elbows and other fittings on the valve for clean and simple routing. Unlike other valves, the new G2 valve disassembles in seconds for a quick cleaning! The cool-touch silicone grip makes handling under fire easy, and the silicone material handles temps to 600° F so it won't melt like vinyl grips on ball valves do. The G2 linear flow valve is one of the many features tailored specifically for homebrewers.

Ball valves are an economical and durable choice for on/off applications. But they are not ideal for flow control. A globe valve, like the new G2 linear flow valve, is ideal for applications where flow control is needed in addition to on/off operation. We have added a parabolic shape to the valve stem to make the flow characteristics nearly linear.

What does this mean and why is this ideal in this application? Looking at the blue line of the graph below, the G2 valve has a direct relationship between flow and position of the valve (a straight line). Specifically, when the valve is 1/4th (25%) open the flow is 1/4th (25%) of the maximum flow rate. At 1/2 open (50%) it is at half the max flow rate and so on. Therefore feathering the flow for sparging, lautering etc. is very intuitive and easy to control. The ball valve (the red line), on the other hand, has a flow that is not directly proportional to the position of the handle. When the valve is opened 1/4th of the way (25%), it puts out about 1/2 (50%) of its total flow. At half open (50%), it puts out about 3/4 (75%) of its full flow which makes trimming the flow trickier.

**Please refer to the graph provided in the product images**

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