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Black Patent Malt - lb

Black Patent Malt - lb

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Black Patent is fairly neutral in its flavor, but it will give a slight astringency when used at higher rates.

Characteristics and applications:
  • Use in all beer styles for color adjustment.
  • Use at at rate of 1-10% for desired color in porters and stouts.
  • Sometimes used with other dark roasted malts to achieve desired color.
  • Often used to provide color without an overpowering flavor that is characteristic of European-style dark beers.
  • May be used with or without roasted barley to brew a stout with more color and less intense roasted barley flavor notes.
  • May be used with chocolate malt to produce a porter with less pronounced chocolate flavor notes.
  • Not interchangeable with roasted barley.
  • Produces dark colored beers with little impact to foam color when a dark beer with light head is desired.
  • 500 L

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