Big Demon Clear Conical Fermenter - 8 Gallon

Big Demon Clear Conical Fermenter - 8 Gallon

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Big Demon Clear Conical Fermenter - 8 Gallon

Unleash the Big Demon on your next batch of beer! This 8 gallon conical fermenter is perfect for brewing 5 or 6 gallon batches of beer, hard cider, mead or wine. Made of heat resistant, food grade plastic that imparts no unwanted flavors into your brew, this fermenter's conical design helps collect the trub and other detritus in your batch, letting you easily transfer your beer into a secondary carboy or bottles from the included spigot. This fermenter includes a lid gasket and 3 piece air-lock to ensure a seal while fermenting, and the base features 13" legs to raise your fermenter up for easy access. Durable and easy to clean, this conical fermenter is a great addition to any homebrewer's arsenal.

Big Demon Conical Fermenter Includes:
- 8 Gallon Conical Fermenter with Lid
- Fermenter Base with 13" Legs
- Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly
- Venting Plug & Dump Cap
- Silicone Lid Gasket
- 3 Piece Airlock
- Stick-on Temperature Strip
- #3 Drilled Rubber Stopper & #3 Solid Rubber Stopper

-Volume: 8.125 Gallons
-Batch Size: 5/6 Gallons
-Diameter: 13.5"
-Height with 13" Legs: 28"

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