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Better Brewing Marzen - 5 Gallon

Better Brewing Marzen - 5 Gallon

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Better Brewing Marzen - 5 Gallon

A 5 gallon brew kit designed for any level of brewer, this homebrew ingredient kit comes with everything you need to craft your very own batch of beer. This kit includes all the ingredients needed to create a delicious Marzen. The ultimate fest beer, the Marzen is the drink of choice for Oktoberfest celebrations. This beer is traditionally brewed in March, letting it lager at colder temperatures during the hotter summer months, and served in the fall for consumption. This is a rich, malty complex brew that is enjoyable all year round.

Original Gravity - 1.059
SRM - 14
IBU - 22
ABV - 6%

Kit Includes:
- 5 lbs. of Pilsen Light DME
- 1 lb. of Goldpils Vienna Malt
- 1 lb. of Caramel Vienna 20L Malt
- 1 lb. of Caramel Munich 60L Malt
- 2 oz. Hallertau Tradition Hops
- 2 packs of Fermentis Saflager W-34/70 Dry Yeast
- 5 oz. Priming Sugar
- Steeping Bag (for Milled Grains)

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