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Better Brewing Cream Ale - 5 Gallon

Better Brewing Cream Ale - 5 Gallon

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Better Brewing Cream Ale - 5 Gallon

A 5 gallon brew kit designed for any level of brewer, this homebrew ingredient kit comes with everything you need to craft your very own batch of beer. This kit includes all the ingredients needed to create a delicious Cream Ale. A truly American classic, Cream Ales trace their origin back to lagers, pouring a pale golden color. This "lawnmower" beer is an easy drink that while be a huge hit at any summertime barbeque.

Original Gravity - 1.051
SRM - 4
IBU - 13
ABV - 5.3%

Kit Includes:
- 3 lbs. of Golden Light DME
- 2 lbs. of Pilsen Light DME
- 1 lb. of Brewers Malt
- 1 lb. of Yellow Corn Flakes
- 1 oz. Crystal
- Fermentis Safale US-05 Dry Yeast
- 5 oz. Priming Sugar
- Steeping Bag (for Milled Grains)

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