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Better Brewing American Porter - 5 Gallon

Better Brewing American Porter - 5 Gallon

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Better Brewing American Porter - 5 Gallon

A 5 gallon brew kit designed for any level of brewer, this homebrew ingredient kit comes with everything you need to craft your very own batch of beer. This kit includes all the ingredients needed to create a delicious American Porter. Built from the stable base of English Porters, American Porters take those same great tastes and add some more weight and complexity. This beer pours a deep, dark color with huge amounts of chocolate and coffee notes. These roasty flavors are balanced by a rich malty backbone making an extremely drinkable beer.

Original Gravity - 1.062
SRM - 27
IBU - 42
ABV - 6.3%

Kit Includes:
- 6 lbs. of Pale Ale DME
- 1 lb. of Pale Ale Malt
- 1 lb. of Munich 20L Malt
- 1 lb. of Dark Chocolate Malt
- 1 oz. Centennial Hops
- 1 oz. Cascade Hops
- Fermentis Safale S-04 Dry Yeast
- 5 oz. Priming Sugar
- Steeping Bag (for Milled Grains)

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