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Beer Line Hose 3/16
Beer Line Hose 3/16' - ft

Beer Line Hose 3/16" - ft

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This thick wall beer line hose has an inner diameter of 3/16" and an outer diameter of 7/16". The hose is clear and flexible but will not kink. Using at least 5 feet will help lower the amount of foam in your beer. It will fit 1/4" nipples and stems. Just dip the end of the hose in hot water to make it pliable and it will easily fit over the slightly larger fittings. You may find this in black or a thin wall product on other sites. We prefer the clear line for easy inspection of lines. 

FDA / NSF approved + Beverage Safe Hoses

This Beer Line has an 80psi Pressure Rating @ 70F

We recommend dipping the line to hot/boiling water to help get the line on a 1/4'' barb. A heat gun will work great as well.

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