Beer Line Cleaner - 32 oz

Beer Line Cleaner - 32 oz

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BLC (Beer Line Cleaner) cleans beer coils, rods, taps, and faucets. It can be used with pumps. BLC is a liquid concentrate, so mixing is easy in either cold or warm water.

Usage: 2/5 oz (12 mL) BLC per quart (approximately 1 liter) of water.
Note: If your water is very hard, or if the lines contain excessive build­up, add 25%-50% more BLC to the above formula.

General usage pointers:

We do not ship liquids or glass by USPS. Drain beer out. Pump solution into line. Keep solution in lines 10-15 minutes while cleaning faucets and parts. If using electric pump, circulate solution (if possible) while cleaning parts. Pump solution out. Rinse with cold, clean water. If possible, use ice water for a final rinse.
To clean faucets and removable parts, immerse the items in BLC cleaning solution for several minutes. Ideally this can be done while the lines are being cleaned. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

We do not ship liquids or glass by USPS.

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