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Basic Brewing: Low-Tech Lagering and Decoction Mashing DVD

Basic Brewing: Low-Tech Lagering and Decoction Mashing DVD

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This video is aimed at brewers who already know how to make a batch of beer using extract or all grain brewing techniques.

Decoction mashing and lagering are advanced techniques that have been passed down through generations of brewers. It took brewers many years to perfect these brewing methods, but you can be introduced to them in just a few minutes with this DVD. In this video, James Spencer and Steve Wilkes, hosts of the Basic Brewing Video podcast, are your guides.

Steve takes you through decoction, a technique involving boiling part of the mash to reach higher temperatures and add flavor character in step mashing. James shows how to achieve lager fermentation in a low-tech way even in the heat of summer. The Low Tech Lagering System (LTLS) allows you to maintain consistent, controllable fermentation temperatures without the expense of a chest freezer. These lagering techniques can also be used to maintain proper ale fermentation temperatures in hot climates.

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