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Barebones Nitro Keg System

Barebones Nitro Keg System

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Barebones Nitro Keg System

This no-nonsense keg system has the essentials for converting an existing kegging set-up from CO2 to Nitrogen. Adapt your existing keg set-up to start pouring smooth, creamy nitro beers!

-Nitrogen Tank (New Steel Nitrogen G-Mix Tank)
-Stout Faucet and Black Tap Handle and Faucet Wrench
-Adaptor thats fits a Nitro Tank to CO2 Regulator
-Choice of Shank

(Does Not Include Keg, Check Options Above to Add One!)

**4 1/8" shank will fit most refrigerator/kegerators. Measure the depth of where the shank is being installed and choose accordingly. 

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