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Barbed Antimicrobial Picnic Faucet Assembly
does not include keg; antimicrobial beer line is lined with silver and appears more opaque than regular beer line

Barbed Antimicrobial Picnic Faucet Assembly

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Item Number:99-2650

Picnic Faucet Assembly with Antimicrobial Tubing and Barbed Disconnect

This assembly is made with Ultra Barrier Silver Tubing - 1/8 Sidewall - Antimicrobial and PVC FREE. This tubing is proven effective against the top 4 beer spoiling bacteria. This doesn't mean you don't need to clean it, but it does mean it should last you longer and pour a cleaner beer in the long run.

Picnic Faucet Assembly includes a 1/4" barbed Ball lock disconnect, 4 feet of thickwall antimicrobial beer line and a picnic faucet. Great for that second keg or serving away from your kegerator!

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