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Apres Riesling Icewine Style

Apres Riesling Icewine Style

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Wine Juice Concentrate
One of WineMaker magazine's top 100 wine kits for 2014.

The "discovery" of ice wine was purely accidental. Winemakers in Fraconia, Germany had to press juice from some frozen grapes in 1794. They were amazed by the higher sugar concentration. Finally, in the mid-1800's, a winery in the Rheingau began intentionally producing ice wine. The hallmark of a good ice wine is a dynamic balance between sweetness and acidity. Because of the naturally high acid, the finish is crisp and bracing, despite the sweetness.

Prized as a unique sweet wine specialty, this Icewine based on Riesling grapes will surprise with its body and complexity. Served chilled, this golden nectar should be sipped slowly to cherish its special charms.

Sweetness: Sweet
Body: Medium-Full
Oak Intensity: None

The 12.3 liters of varietal juice makes 3 gallons, providing approximately 15 -750 ml- bottles of wine, or 30 -375 ml- bottles of wine.

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